Jaster Frallino

The head of the Sczarni gang The Gallowed


Chaotic Evil Male Human Fighter 5/Rogue 4


Jaster Frallino, the head of the Gallowed, is an influential member of the Sczarni in Magnimar. He is an aging and merciless tough with thick scars around his neck as if he had once been hanged but the punishment never took, and a prodigious mustache. He leads the largest Sczarni gang from a caravan of wagons almost directly beneath the Lord-Mayors palatial home, Defiant’s Garden, where he himself resides in an ornate wagon decorated with glassy-eyed sea serpents and scantily clad mermaids called the Fish Tank. Within, the battered wagon holds a 4-foot tall glass aquarium of murky water in which reside his pets; three fat swamp barracudas. Many tales circulate about those that ran afoul of the Gallowed and have been fed partially or on the whole to “the boss’s fishes”.

Jaster Frallino

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