Here is a visual checklist of quests, rumors, and hints that have been or need to be followed up on. Once completed, an item will be moved from the to be done column to the completed column. The listing will be in chronological order of receipt or completion.

Rumors & Quests to be completed

- Investigate strange silence from Grubber’s Hermitage
- Investigate Black Dragon sightings along Lost Coast Road
- Met with Jaster Frallino about the sum of 11,000gp owed – he offered 15,000 for the head of a necromancer named Caizarlu Zerren
- Investigate the Letter to Xanesha found among her belongings after her defeat
- Lord-Mayor Grobaras has asked you to investigate the lack of contact from Fort Rannick, just outside of Turtleback Ferry

Achievements Completed

- Rescued Ameiko Kaijitsu from her brothers depredations
- Cleared out Catacombs of Wrath, a ancient Thassilonian site, beneath Sandpoint
- Defeated Nualia below Thistletop, to stop a goblin attack on Sandpoint
- Eliminated an infestation of ghouls from beneath Pauper’s Graves
- Murder at Sandpoint Lumber Mill – Solved: Aldern Foxglove, turned to a ghast, is the perpetrator
- Habe’s Sanatorium – Visited and spoke with Erin Habe: Grayst, a man stricken with ghoul fever remains under care
- Investigated Foxglove Manor and found several hauntings and defeated the noble turned ghast Aldern Foxglove
- Helped City Watchwoman Kasadei catch a murderer who had been targeting Priests of Sarenrae
- Found incriminating evidence in Foxglove’s Townhouse in Magnimar leading to the uncovering of Justice Ironbriar as a leader of a murder cult
- Stormed the Shadow Clock and defeated Xanesha


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