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Team, Welcome to your Wiki!

This is your wiki Main Page. It will serve as an outline of the information available to each of your characters. Some pieces will be universally known yet vague, others will be known only by you and very detailed. These pages will include places, events, misc things,and rules created. For people interacted with please see the Characters tab. For items of note there will be a listing under the Items tab. If you have any ideas on what else should be put here, please feel free to let me know.


This page will list various well known locations that either the heroes have visited, or might want to in the future, its location, and any knowledge your characters may or may not have.


This page will be used to track events that have occurred with either your heroes’ direct intervention or without. This page will function as a trophy room for quests completed, and a listing of rumors/hooks/quests to be followed up on.


This page will be used to track unique knowledge gained by the heroes such as original monsters faced, letters uncovered, and historical ideas unearthed. This will also be our catch all of any material that does not fall into any previous category


This is the place where we can record any rulings that are made during game play that may effect future encounters which may not be included within the core rules. A listing like this will help us keep continuity as we progress through the campaign and on into others.

Main Page

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