Fate Reboot: Sandpoint Still Needs Heroes!

Welcome back to the Rise of the Runelords campaign! Here we will explore a reboot and continuation of the campaign that we have already begun with several Pathfinder characters. Though we have made some headway, we still have not gotten into the meat of the campaign and I am hoping that a switch to the Fate system will allow us to bring the story of these unfolding event to the forefront of our table experience.

The Fate system supports a great amount of flexibility in both character creation and conflict resolution within the game. The goal of course will be never to have just one right answer to the problem at hand. Fighting will always be an option, but less of a mandatory skill set as adversaries must be overcome by more than brawn and steel, but also with cunning and daring from both the player and the character.

So buckle up, all ye faithful players, and prepare for a new view of the same old world. Lets dive right in!

Rise of the Runelords

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