Aldern Foxglove

A foppish noble who needs saving from goblins


Chaotic Neutral Male ghast Aristocrat 4/rogue 3


Aldern Foxglove, while attending the Swallowtail Festival in Sandpoint, was set upon by goblins. It wasn’t until a group of heroes happened upon his dog loyally defending his master from the terrible little creatures, that he was saved. Even though his dog didn’t make it, he eagerly treated the heroes to a boar hunt in the Tickwood, the result of which made a fine evening meal at the Rusty Dragon Inn.

Though not all the evidence is in, it would appear that Aldern contracted ghoul fever at some point after the feast of boar in Sandpoint. While the disease was taking hold, he was given instructions to complete something called the “Sihedron Ritual” by a mysterious benefactor named Xanesha. It would also appear from the text of the Letter from Xanesha that Aldern had retrieved something from the manor and delivered it to a group called the Brotherhood in Magnimar.

Aldern Foxglove is currently deceased and his remains have been cremated.

Aldern Foxglove

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